Joel Scheingross (he/him/his)
Assistant Professor
jscheingross – at –
Curriculum Vitae


Current graduate students:

Mara Nutt (they/them/theirs)
PhD student in the Graduate Program in Hydrologic Sciences
Shale weathering


Mike Robinson (he/him/his)
PhD student in the Graduate Program in Hydrologic Sciences
Autogenic waterfall experiments



Sophie Rothman (she/her/hers)
(co-advised with Scott McCoy)
PhD Student in the Graduate Program in Hydrologic Sciences
Knickpoint retreat and river long profile evolution



Current undergraduate students:

Tarra Mora 
Undergraduate student in Hydrogeology
Spatial distribution of waterfalls



Dennis Garcia 

Undergraduate student in the NevadaTeach Program
River erosion and K12 outreach 



Ryen Damron  

Undergraduate student in the NevadaTeach 
River erosion and K12 outreach



Former graduate students:

  • Erika Groh, MS 2021 (University of Nevada Reno), Morphologic signatures of autogenic waterfalls: A case study in the San Gabriel Mountains, California. Now at Balance Hydrologics.
  • Nina Golombek (co-advised with Niels Hovius), MS 2019 (University of Potsdam), Seasonality of organic carbon export and stable isotopic signatures in an Andean Lowland River. Now pursuing a PhD at Dalhousie University.

Former undergraduate and high school students:

  • Conor O’Toole, Bowdoin College, Summer 2010/2011, Preliminary waterfall sediment transport and bedrock erosion experiments
  • Daniel Lo, California Institute of Technology, Summer 2012, Foam and waterfall plunge-pool erosion experiments.
  • Khadijah Omerdin, Westridge High School, Academic Year 2012/2013, Bedrock erosion by suspended sediment
  • Gheorghe Schreiber, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, Summer 2013, The role of mixed grain size distributions in fluvial bedrock incision.
  • Juliane Preimesberger, California Institute of Technology, Summer 2014, Bedrock erosion experiments at steep slopes.
  • Nina Golombek, University of Potsdam, 2016 – 2017, Oxidation of organic carbon in the Rio Bermejo, Argentina (Bachelor’s thesis)
  • Toni Schmidt, University of Potsdam, Spring 2017, Experimental investigation of organic carbon oxidation during river transport.
  • Ramona Schneider, University of Bonn, Winter 2018, Experimental investigation of silicate weathering during fluvial transport.