Joel Scheingross
Assistant Professor
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Curriculum Vitae



Current students:

Nina Golombek
Masters student at University of Potsdam, Germany (co-advised with Niels Hovius and Dirk Sachse)
Seasonal variations in organic carbon transport in the Rio Bermejo, Argentina



Former undergraduate and high school students:

  • Conor O’Toole, Bowdoin College, Summer 2010/2011, Preliminary waterfall sediment transport and bedrock erosion experiments
  • Daniel Lo, California Institute of Technology, Summer 2012, Foam and waterfall plunge-pool erosion experiments.
  • Khadijah Omerdin, Westridge High School, Academic Year 2012/2013, Bedrock erosion by suspended sediment
  • Gheorghe Schreiber, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, Summer 2013, The role of mixed grain size distributions in fluvial bedrock incision.
  • Juliane Preimesberger, California Institute of Technology, Summer 2014, Bedrock erosion experiments at steep slopes.
  • Nina Golombek, University of Potsdam, 2016 – 2017, Oxidation of organic carbon in the Rio Bermejo, Argentina (Bachelor’s thesis)
  • Toni Schmidt, University of Potsdam, Spring 2017, Experimental investigation of organic carbon oxidation during river transport.
  • Ramona Schneider, University of Bonn, Winter 2018, Experimental investigation of silicate weathering during fluvial transport.